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D&D firebrewed homestyle: Telthys.

Telthys: The homebrew D&D world created by Eric Weberg and the Telthys Creative gaming group.

Since 1992, Telthys is the home of numerous D&D campaigns in 2ED, 3ED, 3.5ED, and 4ED. The story of Telthys is firmly grounded in D&D tradition and legend, building upon the history of Illithid, Githyanki, Githzerai, Yuan-Ti, and other popular monsters. In addition, Telthys provides many unique story elements.

The Telthys Creative gaming group continues to cooperatively create and explore the Telthys mythology. In the story-based Telthys campaign, characters face increasing threats as their role in Telthys evolves to reflect the characters' growing power. To facilitate the infrequent gaming schedule of adult gamers with busy lives, characters' power levels are increased when necessary to match the story rather than using the normal method of character advancement. This allows the players to fully enjoy the story without focusing on the minutia of levelling.

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