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About is the personal site of Dawn and Eric Weberg, family and friends. We use it as a communication portal, and it serves as our playground on the web.


Why did you name this site "PlayfulFlower"?

Flower was our first dog. Shortly before he passed on, we opened this web site as a sort of tribute. "Playful Flower" was one of his nicknames. Tribute to Flower

So, Eric... why is your Friends and Family area password-protected?

Good question. I guess you could call me paranoid. Child safety experts say you should keep children's names- and to an extent, photos- off the Internet. I'd have to agree, since these days it seems everyone keeps enough info on, say, their Facebook account to allow a stranger to easily impersonate a relative. I'm probably paranoid. But it will keep my child safe. Safer. Whatever. Gotta be a parent, you know.

Where do the Friends and Family links go, and why?

I keep all my photo albums on Picasa through Google. They give a lot of album space for a low price, and their client software is powerful enough and easy to use. I have sufficient control and rights to the images that I post, which is very important to me.

PLUS, I can share links to a single photo album or photo through email without giving access to the Friends-and-Family area, OR I can simply give them F-a-F access and let them browse at their leisure. Total control, and they don't need an account anywhere if they (or I) don't want it.

FURTHER, friends and family can share with other friends and family and I don't even have to know about it. Yeah, that's nice. Or as my girl just told me, NEEEEAT!

How do you make your videos?

I start with videos from my camera, a Canon Powershot A560. Then I edit and sometimes I webify the movies with Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker. It's free, and does a decent job. Lately I've been letting Picasa webify the movies. If you're interested in obtaining a higher-quality version of any the videos, I can provide it. The videos posted on Picasaweb are all smaller and lesser quality than my original sources.